Chapter 4 – Seers of Verde: The Legend Fulfilled

Chapter 4 The colonists were not moving fast enough for Hector. It was taking too many turns to move all the equipment into the landers and get it to the surface. He signaled Lar Vonn. “How are the shelters coming?” “The colonists are working hard, although a few are still a bit groggy, captain,” Lar […]

Chapter 3 – Seers Verde: The Legend Fulfilled

Chapter 3 “Nine days. Nice work,” Yermak Halpan said as the Tanlian ship slowed its approach to XR309’s largest moon. The commander gripped his viewer’s console as the moon came into view. “Hug the surface,” he barked. “I don’t want the colonists to see us.” Rolid nodded as he piloted the raider toward the surface, […]

Chapter 2 – Seers of Verde: Book 1

Chapter 2  Captain Hector Nandez couldn’t help himself. His dark eyes moistened as he looked out the window of the Colonia Nueve. No long-distant imager was needed. The planet Verde Grande shone like a great shining emerald in front of him. At last, after eleven years of traveling at trans-light seven, the Earth colonists had […]

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