Anthology of Death of a Demon Machine

Following is an anthology by a group of conspirators from the Imagine Other Worlds Authors (I.O.W.A.) group. This effort was inspired by a soda machine that tortured the group with a mind-numbing tune for hours. The following stories represent our revenge. DEATH OF THE DEMON MACHINE Prison Break By Dylan R. E. Moonfire Bindo dreamed […]

Death of the Demon machine

This is the first chapter of a collection of short stories by the I.O.W.A. writers group. It’s a reaction to the group being bombarded for nine hours by the most obnoxious singing pop machine we’ve ever heard. Apologies to the Booth family for using them as central characters. – MLW   By M.L. Williams CHAPTER 1 […]

Seers of Verde: The Legend Fulfilled/Chapter 1

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Arrival Chapter 1 Commander Yermak Halpan paced in his cabin aboard Brak’s Revenge, the pride of the Tanlian space fleet. It had been eight lunar cycles since his ship had taken trophy. The last two raids on Earth colonies had been disastrous. The colonies had launched early warning satellites and installed…